Overseas Property Investment Predictions in 2014

Overseas Property Investment Predictions in 2014

So forth as we have had a close eye over the huge property investment opportunities in 2014 let us have some chat about the tourism and the overseas property investment opportunities in 2014. As we have discussed the property markets in USA and Europe, particularly Spain and UK that how were the property investment trends were in 2012, 2013 and how would they be between 2014 and 2015.

The results are quite satisfactory and hopeful for the emerging nations around the world where people are retaining their best positions and outcomes, somehow it is observed that as wealth increased is directly proportional to the increase in spending power that means wealth upraise the spending power. The stat shows that these emerging nations are among those who are spending their wealth first time on the retail and world tours. Likewise china in Asia, the Chinese tourism academy has observed the money spend by the Chinese people were 100 million approximately in 2013 whereas the international financial institution Morgan Stanley has predicted for 2015 that could be worth $194 billion a year by the Chinese nation trips around the world.

Interestingly the above said fact is about China alone and alone, the rest of the world is remaining which could add huge amount following China. According to World Tourism Organisation, the number of tourists exceeded around about 1 billion, all-time high in 2012. As per the boom in the tourist market the investors are looking ahead as per the need of exciting holiday destinations and hotel accommodations worldwide. This means the current hotel industry is like a full of fruity basket from where the investors have a number of chances and choices to pick any, which one they like from.

Likewise hotel industry, there are really other wealthy and potential areas like Commercial real estate sector and student accommodation investments. The Global commercial sales have seen a major inflow of $224 billion in the first 6 months in 2013 that was 11.7% more than that of 2012 for the same period. The following figures show positive fundamentals across the board and would be continue as per the consistency remains same in the investor's confidence, economic strength, drop down in unemployment and consumer spending.

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