The Upward UK Student Property Investment Trends

The Upward UK Student Property Investment Trends

There have been many investment options around the world with growing income and profit margins over a past few years. However, in comparison to many other investment options around the world, the UK student property investment has been consistently standing out with its best return policies and auspicious, fast and steady profit margins. The expectations of investors are getting higher as they are getting a stable 7% rental yield on an average which is 1/4thtimes greater than the rental yield offered to other investment opportunities for residential properties in U.K.

The demand of student accommodation has been increased by manifolds that the investors are facing a structural undersupply of student accommodation set ups. UK Student Property Investment has gathered a popular trend in the student accommodation market where the investors are facing a crucial time in fighting for grabbing a property at a cost higher than ever before. This trend is consistent and keeps on going up at 99% of the investment options of today moreover they are encircled around this newly emerged real estate market trend. Russel Group university proximal areas and towns are seen the most consistently occupied and heavily populated and extremely demanding students accommodation points. The main reason of this being created as a center of attraction is due to the presence of 24 top universities in the surrounding areas. Some of the few prestigious universities located in this area are as follows:

  • Bristol
  • Exeter
  • Southampton etc.

The influx of students does not include just local or national students but also international students from different parts around the world. The investors are making sure that they invest properly and heavily for the establishment of the UK student property investment and advertise the students’ accommodations, so that the students can make their decision early and the presence of residence will also motivate them to take admission in one of the top universities of UK.

According the authentic UCAS figures of 2014, the British universities have been increased by 1/3rd over the past two – three years due to advanced educational facilities, recognized degrees, well established campuses, skilled faculty and higher standards of the education system of UK. All these points have added to the advancement and proliferation of the UK student property investment.

A significant increase has been noted in the number of students getting education from overseas which has contributed to the phenomenal increase in the UK student property investment. UK education can be one of the many more reasons of getting settled in UK. As the country has a rich economy, better living conditions, ample job opportunities, best academic backgrounds, the students are lured to acquire education from here which has triggered the investments in students’ property accommodations. The fees in UK universities are comparable to be lower than the universities in USA, Australia and the like. The investors know this and they know the students pain points therefore they have started investing in student accommodation investment properties.

The student demands are also changing with the passage of time and they are giving more importance to fully managed apartments with a purpose built accommodation schemes. The students in the past had more focus on the degrees they are getting but the students of today are focused on their future, career path as well as rearing of their social and personal life.

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