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Here are the experiences of some of our previous clients who have invested with us in various projects. Here you will learn about our business conduct and our clients’ experiences with us.

I retired a year back and did not have anything to do. One day I came across an advertisement of Daniel Johns. Upon exploring, I came to know that it was a brilliant company where you could invest in the property according to desired amount. Therefore, I packed up some of my savings in the bank and invested them in an upcoming project of the company. Now I am enjoying monthly rental incomeon the investments, which is good bread and butter. It is more than enough for my wife and I.

George Nicholas | Singapore

I was broke for many years as I was unable to invest in the right projects. Then one of my friends told me about Daniel Johns and the ways by which they kept others invest in the different properties that that meet their needs. So I went to their office. Their staff were great and greeted me with much warmth. They introduced some of the techniques that are required in the property investment and introduced some of the projects as well. Since then I have invested in many of their projects and have been earning very well. I give them credit for my financial position now and for my strong portfolio.

Adam Jeeves | Malaysia

I am a private counsellor at the local attorney. The pay I get is not very much and I wanted to invest something in the property so that I would collect something for the future of my children. Therefore, I came to this company and told them that I needed to make an investment but do not have much money. They invited me in and showed me some of the very fine property projects that were affordable. Due to the hard work of the team at Daniel Johns, I managed to put my hands on a piece of land at a very cheap price which I then sold at a later point and earned huge profit. Thank you Daniel Johns, you have secured my future and my family’s.

Jess Patrick | United States

I have been in the property business for the past twenty years and have great experience in buying and selling property. Searching for innovative property development companies, I landed myself on Daniel John’s company website. I visited them and found that they are was a very professional and committed company with fine members of staff. Something that made Daniel Johns stand out to me was that their staff were not pushy or aggressive, they simply provide you with information and guide investors to make their decisions. Here you are not forced to make a deal,you make a deal only if you seem interested in the project. Their team really inspired me so I invested in a hotel room and a serviced office suite in London. Now I am fully satisfied and adoring the work done by the people over there.

Angio Martinie | Italy

I was brought up in UK and the moved to States 12 years ago. I know a lot of people are interested in investing in Europe, especially in the UK. The UK has the most attractive properties with high yields. Therefore, I have been investing in various properties in this region and reselling them afterwards for a greater profit. It has increased my wealth which I am grateful to Daniel Johns’ team.

Joe Rang | United States

I am a 61-year's old retired accountant. After decades of hard work, when I retired, my wife and I wished to purchase our dream house however we could not afford it. However, Daniel Johns helped us find our dream house with a price tag that we could afford. So we have living in our dream house for the past two years. My wife was particularly happy as she got the house in the location that we wanted. I am greatly thankful to Daniel Johns for the consideration and efforts.

Muhammad Yousaf | United Kingdom

I have purchased a long range of properties all over United Kingdom with the help of Daniel Johns. I have always managed to resale my properties at a very good profit thereby increase my worth of bank balance along with improving my portfolio. Since I have been working with Daniel Johns, my repute in the local market has also increased and people in my local community seek my advice with regards to property investment.

Lin Yong | Hong Kong

One of my friends told me about the benefits of property investment so I decided to take my friend’s advise and made my first investment through Daniel Johns. I am glad to write that the team of dedicated workers at Daniel Johns has done all the work exactly as I liked and I got a huge profit in the reselling of my first property. So now the journey continues. I really hope to have greater deals in future with Daniel Johns’ help.

H. Downey | United States

Hi, trust is a vital ingredient when you want to work in a new environment and with other people. It happened with me when I was introduced to this company by my brother. He had been in the real estate investment for the past five years and wanted me to join him in his business so that we could make a great profit together. We both invested in Liverpool and Manchester and believe me it was the best decision ever. The team was very dedicated and served the true purpose on each step of the dealing. From the very first day one of searching for the projects and to the day of finalizing everything, Daniel Johns remained professional yet friendly with us. Now we own many commercial properties in the whole of the country. We have rented some of them out; some of them are sold with great profits. There is a lot more to achieve in this field and we would like to continue working with Daniel Johns. Thank you!

Jamie Pollock | Australia

I wanted to invest in the student building so that I can get a monthly rental out of it. As I reside closer to an educational institute, I wanted Daniel Johns to help me find me some where close by. Since, they have many of their own student accommodation, they were able to find me one round the corner to me. This was brilliant and I could not ask for anything more! So I put a bid on the project and bought it for myself. Now the project is rented for a great price and I enjoy collecting the monthly rent from the students, which is a blessing in disguise for my age. God bless Daniel Johns.

Abu Alyousuf | Qatar

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