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Middle East

There is no doubt that we have managed to maintain strong ties with the Middle East. Earning much respect and trust with our customers, the Middle East is also considered as our top class international partners. The growing trend of investment and development has attracted the large population of UAE, Qatar and Brunei Darussalam towards this industry. Our partners from these regions made it possible to reach out customers as soon as possible and provide them a wide range of services including consultancy, research and to let options as well. The hard work that our partners put into this project has made Daniel Johns a huge success in the Middle East.


Singapore is known for its high economic growth and this remarkable feature helped us attain a majority of partners from this part of the world. Our partners have helped us to know our customers well and are ready to provide property valuation services as required.


We have our valuable partners in China who are working day and night in creating awareness about the investment and property development opportunities available in the Eastern regions. They easily address the problems of local people regarding the subject and provide them with full support. Our partners also help in acquiring best available destination consultancy having a competitive advantage in the changing environment of the world.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong, the country of inventions, is also at the highest position in our partners list.The growing population and remarkable increase in the per capita income has attracted the huge number of people towards property investment. Our partners are helping us in making Hong Kong our dream destination with respect to investment opportunities. The experts in the team help customers by providing services Strategy and options analysis, Appraisals and financial modelling and Development management and coordination.


This truly Asian country has proved itself as our irreplaceable partner in the uncertain market conditions of property investment and development. Our partners are able to provide best strategic development consultancy to Malaysians.


Our partners in Japan range from banks to small financial institutions to consultancy firms. Our local partners are the strength of Daniel Johns who made it possible to reach new skies in the investment field.

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At Daniel Johns, we make our best efforts to extract best market research and present that information to our investors for better and informed investment decisions. Read our UK Property Market Report 2014 and UK Student Accommodation Market Report.

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