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Who we are?

  • We are a leading property investment company specialising primarily in fully built and tenanted investments.
  • With 100+ of highly motivated agents, we constantly remain geared up to cater our clients’ needs.
  • Our clients range from individuals to groups, entrepreneurs to enterprises, landlords to tenants and buyers to seller.
  • We have deep expertise in providing you with the best assessment on all property matters.

What makes us Stand Out?

Daniel Johns is among one of the leading UK property development company, which boasts a collective extensive experience of over 15 years. With a long established history, Daniel Johns has effectively managed over 20 significant Student Properties for private developers and Universities. Now Daniel Johns successfully operates across 7 countries worldwide.

It is challenging to earn reverence and prominence in such a hyper active field of real estate market where all companies claim to be the most successful and helpful for their clients. In contrast, Daniel Johns' genuineness is proven by presenting its strong history of successful clientage, its success rate of selling the completed and tenanted projects, and by setting examples of meeting the desires and demands of their clients.

After the economic downturn in the UK when the property market was fading, Student Property continued to excel and grow. The continued growth of student in the UK has led Student Property as a leading asset class and a sector that money undoubtedly appreciates. Daniel Johns used this opportunity to develop Student Properties in cities where number of students was rising whilst student accommodation was scarce.

Daniel Johns offers completed and fully operational UK Student Property investment opportunities globally. Currently, Daniel Johns manages 7 of their own Student Property developments across the UK. Our extensive experience and knowledge in residential, commercial, buy-to-let and the student property sector allows us to understand the UK property market and our priority is to find the best possible investment for our clients. Our projects allow our clients to achieve a hassle-free and instant income investment within a leading UK asset class.

We select the best locations for our projects and carry out extensive research into residential investment and the student property market. We identify through our research which UK cities have a high demand for student accommodation. Daniel Johns provide all the essential and necessary knowledge to meet all clients' satisfactory.

Our mission is to provide our Clients with a leading asset class, low risk and profitable investment at affordable prices. Our highly experienced and professional team at Daniel Johns can advise and help clients build an outstanding property portfolio as smoothly as possible.

Why Daniel Johns?

Daniel Johns is a leading property investment company dealing and specialising primarily in fully built and tenanted investments allowing investors to start earning returns on their investment from day one. Let's make your fortune with us.

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At Daniel Johns, we make our best efforts to extract best market research and present that information to our investors for better and informed investment decisions. Read our UK Property Market Report 2014 and UK Student Accommodation Market Report.

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