Welcome to Daniel Johns Group

Dear Clients, Investors and Partners;

I welcome you to Daniel Johns Group and thank you for your interest and strong desire to participate in our hugely ambitious and successful business group.

Headquartered in London, Daniel Johns is a privately held British property development, investment and professional services group. Our approach to investment is based on an “investment for income” philosophy. This philosophy remains central to our sectors in which we work: real estate and franchises.

Daniel Johns Group has significant experience in selling and managing investments. Focusing exclusively on innovative investments over many years have provided us a depth of understanding which enables our group to deliver value to investors. The performance of these innovative investments demonstrated impressively how we turned challenges into opportunities, which resulted in our significant success.

Ultimately, Daniel Johns Group is a family of highly successful companies who have produced innovative investments and generated an impressive amount of wealth for investors across the globe.

I proudly welcome you to our group and look forward to our future partnership.

Thank you very much.

Yours sincerely,

Peter Summersgill
Daniel Johns Group

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